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2015-12-09 Ripjaws MX780 is awarded the "Silver Dog Tag" by pcGameware
Having already given a Gold award to the recently reviewed G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 RGB Keyboard, it’s pretty obvious that I’m very much looking forward to taking a look at G.Skill’s new mouse the Ripjaws MX780. Ok, so we know that G.Skill are more renowned for the memory products, in particular RAM, but their first Gaming keyboard (KM780) was impressive to say the least, can the MX780 do the same!? The G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Gaming Mouse bears a similar resemblance to one of my favourite mice of last year the Cougar M700, all though to be fair it’s far from the same. The Ripjaws MX780 is an ambidextrous Gaming mouse with a 8,200 DPI Laser sensor. In addition to this the mouse features RGB illumination (across three zones), eight programmable buttons (well six really, as it’s ambidextrous), a weight management system and a height adjustable palm rest.
2015-12-09 Ripjaws MX780 is recieved the "Worth Buying" award from KitGuru
Gaming mice are a very personal choice and with the myriad of options available to prospective buyers, choosing one can be very difficult. G.Skill are hoping that by offering a heavily customisable product it may just secure your interest, as its Ripjaws MX780 offers a number of tweakable options that help it stand out from the crowd. RGB lighting options? Check. Adjustable weights? Check. Swappable finger and thumb grips? Check. Combine those with a barebones design, high-quality Avago A9800 sensor, unbranded Teflon feet and a number of other useful features and it seems like quite the little package.
2015-12-09 Ripjaws MX780 Recieves "Silver" Award from OverclockersClub
G.SKILL has just recently entered the gaming peripherals market. Products will include gaming keyboards, mice and mouse pads, and headsets. G.SKILL has provided OverclockersClub with the first iteration of its gaming mouse – the G.SKILL Ripjaws MX780 RGB gaming mouse. Just like the G.SKILL Ripjaws KM780 RGB keyboard reviewed here recently, this mouse can change colors in different areas!
2015-12-09 Ripjaws MX780 won the"Platinum" award from NikkTech
The gaming peripherals market (at least the PC one) may be overflowing with a huge number of devices ranging from keyboards, mice and mats and up to headsets, chairs and controllers but for the largest part the ones really worth owning bear the names of the well-known, established and respected manufacturers. This of course is not always the case but the sheer number of new and "average" companies making their debut on a daily basis doesn't help things. Luckily between old gaming peripheral manufacturers and very new ones there are also some manufacturers from others parts of the industry who expand their product lines to also include gaming peripherals and although that's not always a recipe for success still the ones that have done so have released decent products. Recently one of the largest and most popular memory module manufacturers in the world, G.SKILL also decided to expand their product line to include gaming peripherals and today we're taking a look at their RIPJAWS MX780 Laser Gaming Mouse.
2015-12-09 Ripjaws SV710 is "Highly Recommended" by Proclockers
G.Skill is a name I'm sure you're all familiar with. G.Skill has been a popular name in performance gaming memory for years now. Recently though G.Skill has ventures into the peripheral market, taking the RipJaws name along for the ride. They now have mechanical keyboards, gaming mice and headsets all bearing the RipJaws name. G.Skill was kind enough to send us over their latest headset - the SV710 - to check out for your guys so let's get to it!
2015-12-09 Ripjaws SV710 is awarded the "Silver Dog Tag" by pcGameware
Well we’ve already seen the impressive G.Skill Ripjaws KM780 Keyboard and the G.Skill Ripjaws MX780 Mouse, but now it’s time for the last piece in the PC Gaming peripheral lineup; this time it’s the turn of the G.Skill Ripjaws SV710 headset. If there’s one thing that James loves above all else (other than Orange!) it’s audio. Therefore I always enjoy taking a look (or is that listen) to a new headset, especially when we’ve not seen a headset from that manufacturer before… So what is the G.Skill Ripjaws SV710, well most important is the fact that it is a circumaural (over the ear) stereo headset (one speaker per er-cup) with 7.1 virtual surround sound support. Each Driver is 50mm in diameter and features a neodymium magnet with an Impedance of 32Ω and a Frequency Response of 20-20,000Hz. The headset is equipped with a noise cancelling condenser based microphone that retracts into the left ear-cup. The SV710 also features an in-line control box as well as illuminated ear-cups, although there’s no RGB support.
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