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2018-03-30 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 RGB Mechanical Gaming Keyboard recommend as "Best gaming keyboard 2018" from Techradar
One of the largest drawbacks to most gaming keyboards is that they look like, well, gaming keyboards. Not everyone wants an gigantic block of plastic with edgy font dominating their desk. Luckily, the G.Skill Ripjaws KM570 alleviates that issue altogether, while still boasting fantastic Cherry MX Brown switches and fully customizable RGB lighting.
2017-12-14 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard wins the "Great Value" award from Vortez
Let us reiterate that price. £60. That’s half the usual price for a keyboard featuring Cherry MX switches and RGB backlighting. That is a seriously substantial saving, allowing you to purchase an awesome gaming mouse with the change. We’re genuinely blown away by the value of the KM570. The MK570 offers a choice of four different Cherry MX switches; this kind of choice is usually reserved for the higher tiers of keyboard, another plus point for the G.SKILL. Gaming, as well as typing, were both enjoyable experiences on the MX Brown switches with speedy response times from the 1000Hz polling rate paired with the mechanical key switches.
2017-04-28 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 Keyboard Review by Tom'shardware
Whereas G.Skill went all out on the bells and whistles for its Ripjaws KM780 keyboards, the Ripjaws KM570, by contrast, offers a more staid look and reduced feature set (and lower price). It serves to give those with smaller budgets (and simpler tastes) a G.Skill-branded option. The KM570 comes in multiple flavors; there are three RGB units (with Cherry RGB switches) and four red LED-only options (with your choice of Cherry MX Red, Brown, Blue, or Speed Silver switches.) You may be gathering this, but the KM570 is a simple, standard keyboard with few extras.
2017-03-09 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard recieves the "Great Value" award from Techpowerup
The feature set is relatively rich including per-key lighting customization, a plethora of preset lighting effects and hardware macro recording and playback. Add to this genuine Cherry MX switches, Gaming enthusiasts will be interested in this feature set and for this reason I feel it offers very good value for your money.
2017-03-09 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard recieves the "Must Have, Recommended" award from TweakTown
G.Skill's Ripjaws RIPJAWS KM570 MX mechanical gaming keyboard may not offer loads of features, but it's pretty darn good for the price.
2017-03-09 G.SKILL RIPJAWS KM570 MX Mechanical Gaming Keyboard wins the "Must Have, Recommended" award from Guru3D
[KM570 MX is] a proper mechy with Cherry MX red, blue or brown switches being red back-lit with animation options as well as being macro programmable. Face it, that is a tremendous deal. Pick it up if you need a set, or heck even go get a spare set of keys.

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