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2011-06-02 G.Skill breaks the overclocking world record, once Again! - The fastest Super Pi 32M on the Intel LGA 1155 platforms.
During the first day of Computex 2011 three legendary overclockers, Shamino, Fredyama and Young Pro smashed the super Pi 32M record at the G.Skill booth.
2011-05-31 G.Skill showcases its latest SATA 3 SSD, Phoenix II Pro, and ultra high performance desktop memory series during 2011 Computex!
G.Skill has released its latest SATA 3 6gbps SSD, Phoenix II Pro, based on the latest SandForce SF-2200 controller and numerous ultra high performance memory at Computex 2011.
2011-05-16 G.Skill has completed the compatibility tests for RipjawsX and Sniper series DDR3 dual channel memory on the latest Intel Z68 platform
G.Skill announces the compatibility guarantee of RipjawsX and Sniper series dual channel DDR3 memory on the latest Intel Z68 platforms.
2011-03-09 PCB Distributor will bring G.Skill products to Sweden and Nordic!
PCB Distribution öppnar dörren för två nya varumärken i Sverige. Först ut är G-Skill med RAM-minnen i alla former, inklusive högpresterande DDR3-moduler för överklockare.
2011-04-19 G.Skill releases DDR3 2300MHz 8GB memory for the Intel P67 platform.
The world’s fastest 8GB (4GBx2) desktop memory for overclocking enthusiasts.
2011-04-01 G.Skill announces its new SATA II SSD, Phoenix EVO, based on 2xnm NAND flash
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